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Goregrind CDs & CD-Rs
Bloodgorge - Imperial Death EP CD-R
Carnival of Carnage - Where's The Beef? CD
Carnival of Carnage - They Keep Coming Back !! 3" MCD
Carnival of Carnage - Grotesque And Forgotten: The Complete Works CD-R
Tumour - Goreaholic CD

Gorenoise CDs & CD-Rs
Anal Cake / Infantiphiliac Split CD-R
Tumour - Anatropic Nephrolithotomy CD
Tumour - Spinal-Castrated Humanoid CD
Tumour - Haematological Enlargement CD

Black Metal CDs & CD-Rs
Proctophobic - 12 Tears From The Kingdom of Perversity EP CD-R

Bloodgorge - "Samurai" XL shirt
Bloodgorge - "Samurai" L shirt

Stickers / Pins / Etc
Eat Pussy Or Die - "Ohio Pornogrind" sticker
Cum Sock - logo sticker
Cum Sock - logo pin