Here is a list of artists who we've released music from/are going to release music from. The list is in alphabetical order.

Anal Cake

Anal Cake is a shit-obsessed gorenoise project from Mexico.


Bloodgorge, aka BDGE, began on the first of July in 2010. The band plays a unique style of goregrind influenced by doom metal, sludge metal, atmospheric music and death metal. The lyrical themes are usually involving war, gore, and ancient Japan.

Genital Evisceration

Genital Evisceration is a one-man cyber death/grind project that plays a mixture of death metal, goregrind and grindcore. Playing both serious and comical music, this project will completely fucking devastate you.


Infantiphiliac is a gorenoise project from the Unites States of America.


Proctophobic is a 2-man chaotic black metal/goregrind band from Cape Breton Island.


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