Updates - September 28, 2011

Sorry for the absence, my computers were down, but I'm back in action again. I'll get back to having orders shipped and I'll be taking orders again now. Unfortunately, when my computer crashed, as did all the files for the Infantiphiliac demo 261, so I'm unable to release the demo.

Also remember: If you want something released by Southern Moonrise Productions, let me know by emailing me from the contact page. Cheers.

Anal Cake / Infantiphiliac - Anal Cake / Infantiphiliac Split (Gorenoise)

I Will Guillotine Your Chihuahua - [currently untitled] comp ("Yiffcore")
Nagasaki Circus Freaks - Vulgar EP (Noisecore)
Infantiphiliac - 261 (Re-Release) demo (Gorenoise)
The Masked Stranger - Under-Ain EP (Black Metal)
Disciple Dissector - Blood Fountain Baptisms EP (brutal death metal/grind)